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Add voice to XFi app


Add voice to XFi app

Are we ever going to see Xfinity voice get added to the XFi app? This would be ideal. More so than the current combo of email + voice which is horrible to use honestly. Just setup more towards email than voice. Right now I have to go onto Comcast . Com and go through 5-6 different open tabs to get to list of incoming calls and pick one to block I don't want. And, to make it even more frustrating, it won't work in Mobil view. Have to be in desktop to see calls.
Add voice to XFi and allow us to get all info from there . XFi already has voice connection test in it. Adding the capability to check voicemail and view incoming/outgoing numbers and also block calls from XFi would be much nicer to use in that app.
I for one really would like to see that happen. Why voice customization wasn't added to XFi I don't understand. It would make the most sense to have all 3 on XFi. Then have only email on 1 completely different app.
Please check if this is possible.

Re: Add voice to XFi app

Hi Neverendingmods -- Thank you for sharing your idea about adding Xfinity Voice to the xFi App. While we don't have any definitive plans at the moment to add Voice to xFi, this is certainly something we'll take into consideration as we look to improve our products and our Apps. 

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