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A phone that can silence the first bell ring

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A phone that can silence the first bell ring

Does anyone know of a cordless phone (with voicemail or without) that silences the ringer for the first ring?

Why would I want that? Because I use Nomorobo, but it doesn't divert the unwanted call until after the first ring; the caller ID doesn't "appear" until after the first ring. So the only solution is to buy a phone that lets you silence the ringer for the first ring - the electronic signal is received, the Caller ID turns on, the call is diverted to Nomorobo Heck, and you never hear a thing: OR, if it is a legitimate call, all you lose is that first ring. On the second ring signal, the ringer turns on, you hear it and answer.

Comcast obviously lacks the technology to send a "silent" signal that turns on Caller ID but doesn't trigger a phone ringer to ring. They've told me as much.

So again, it's up to we the people to solve the problem.

The alternative is to drop landlines and go all cell. Cellular phones have lots more options. For example, my cell phone is set to receive only calls from people on my favorites list. Comcast/Xfinity could offer this, but of course they aren't going to.