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Nomination of jweaver0312

Nomination of jweaver0312

Hello fellow forum users and fellow applicants. I would like to nominate myself for the new expert program. I'm not really sure on what to mention here so I am going to try to keep brief and simple. Even though I do not know all like the most of us, since none of us are 100% perfect, I try to help where I can. What got me personally interested, even though I am a bit of a newer forums user of about 2 years ago, thats when I became interested since then i was having many issues accross the board and it took them 9 whole months to figure out what caused them with calls every day to check the status of services so it gave me some interest to figure out certain things that make the system work well like a fine tuned machine. It was the exact forums that helped figure out the problem with research and prevented more extensive time for issues. I would love the opportunity to be able to help where I can and provide some of my input to others. I wanted to enter also becuase so that I can't say that I didn't enter for this amazing opportunity. I'm not really sure what else to really say to add to this so I think I am going to leave this one as is.

I also wanted to say that I do have some DNS records experience, along with Java, a bit of Python, programmed for Arduino, web programming and design. And I actually use x10hosting for my sites which I would personally for it being free, it is pretty great.

I second the nomination! 

I third, fourth, and fifth it!
I guess I can remove my Kudo from one thread and put it here, kinda looks bad without any. Cat LOL