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Nomination of RustyBen

Nomination of RustyBen

Hi, I am happy to apply for the new Expert program. I am a long time helper that was nominated previously to be a service expert (all things X1 TV). I’m retired. I have performed in-home and shop electronics repair service for many years. Then I moved to being a network tech, then Systems Manager. I’ve completed numerous   in-house and major-company training courses. I have CompTIA Network and PC certifications, FCC Commercial General Class License (was called First Class license). I have volunteered as an interpreter for the deaf at church/work. And I have replied to a few thousand posts here.  


Not sure how to be creative here, I'm old. If I told you I started using computers so long ago that they had punch cards you'd probably not even know what that means (do not bend, spindle, fold, nor mutilate!). When I started using a modem it was for local bulletin boards using a bell acoustic 110 baud modem.  First cable TV set top box had a slider for channel number (went all the way to 20 if i recall correctly). Back then HBO went off the air around midnight eastern time. Things have come a long way, baby (OK that's an old saying too, see the theme here? OLD!)  Glad to have more helpers. Yes, you could do it too! @ComcastJessie is so helpful to us and you will get help, support, and even have some fun in the back channel!.  Come Christmas time, Santa is even known to supply some bling to go under the Christmas tree! Thank you for your time and patience for reading this far!.



Rusty gets my vote; he has been an excellent helper on the forums from the beginning.

*thumbs up*

What would the forums be w/o RustyBen as an Expert? 

no kudo's so far so maybe we'll see 🙂

I'd Kudo you if I got more than one vote - rather difficult to know who to give your sole Kudo to - especially since the exisitng active Experts are doing  agreat job.