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Nomination for USAF_E-8_RET to continue as an Expert

Nomination for USAF_E-8_RET to continue as an Expert

My thoughts in no particular order in regards to this topic:


  • I have never had any formal training in computers. What I know is self taught and I am pleased to say that I am still learning. (Sometimes you can teach an old dog new tricks!)
  • I enjoy being able to help others because there was always someone out there on the internet to help me and I feel that if I can give something back, than I am repaying those who helped me!
  • I am a GURU (Norton Forums' version of Expert) since Nov 30,2011 and my contacts at Norton and breadth of knowledge of Norton Products have assisted tremendously with my ability to assist folks on the Comcast Forum's Security Board.
  • I have assisted with the Comcast Norton Security Suite since 2010 when McAfee was dropped and have pushed for many improvements for both updates and usability.
  • With the upgrade to Norton Online Security for Comcast customers, I am already ahead of the game as it is very similar to the retail products I have been using and troubleshooting for years on the Norton Forums. 
  • I admit I am not well known outside of the Security Board, nor do I post much outside that board, so many of you will wonder who the "Flying Elephant" is.
  • I do try to attend all of the Expert meetings (via Web Meeting) and feel I have contributed honest and well thought out comments to those discussions.
  • I have been a member of this forum since 2003 and have been an Expert since Feb, 25, 2010.
  • I do not recall ever getting into a heated discusion (on the open forum) with any user.
  • I have been accused of providing simple, complete and easy to understand, while at the same time, in-depth answers and instructions when providing troubleshooting and corrective measures.
  • My numbers may not be as high or impressive as other "Current Experts", but I believe in helping users by answering their questions on the Security Board - not playng moderator (Forum Cop- as I call it).
  • Thus my current count of 6815 posts, receiving 1258 Kudos and 209 Solutions IMHO those number are pretty impressive as most posts are on the Security Board.
  • Although in my eyes, perhaps not important for consideration as an Expert, I retired from the Air Force after 23 1/2 years of working in the Electronic Warfare Systems (EWS) field. Going from vacumn tubes to transistors to integrated circuits during my career, as well as being stationd all over the world working on many variants of the F-4, B-57, B-52, A7D, F-105G and the A-10. My area of expertise consisted of airborne Radar Homing and Warning Systems, externally hung pods used to jam enemy radar sites and guidance signals for both their surface to air and air launched missles. In addition I was involved deeply in creating EWS mobilization plans for the support of the A-10.  
  • BTW @Rustyben - I have used punch cards at the comm center to submit classified reports to HQ TAC, so that makes me an old man as well.
  • I admit I am not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to networking, TV, even email - but if you need any help with Norton - which is the vast majority of our Security Board postings, chances are pretty good I'll get you squared away.
  • I am a long time Comcast Security Expert, have put the time and effort in and desire to continue as an Expert.

All comments and Kudos appreciated.





A NO-BRAINER here !! 


Agreed, no question either.

As above, goes without saying! Smiley Wink

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