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Nomination for EG as an Expert

Nomination for EG as an Expert

I know EG is far too modest to be blowing his own trumpet, so I'll take this opportunity to nominate him.


@EG has been working, helping on the forum I think since it started, certainly longer than I can remember. He's there almost every day literally part of the furniture. His record on here speaks for itself over 1200 solved threads, almost 5000 kudos  from fellow users!

He has exceptional technical knowledge, can deal with the most complicated questions, down to the most basic "how do I change my wifi password?" on a daily basis. All handled in a friendly manner with the upmost patience.


Hope EG will be on the forum for a long time to come, thoroughly deserved!


I totally agree with Paraniod - we need to keep EG - he is a huge asset to the forums.

This shouldn't even be subject to debate, keep the man!

Thank you guys for the vote of confidence !

I totally don't understand!  Is there a question regarding the current Experts?  Are they up for removal? 

Since I am unable to use the Kudo Button above,  EG definitely has my vote.   Clink!       

Thank you BJ !