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Nomination @The_Janitor

Nomination @The_Janitor

I know @Nerd well. So well in fact that it's almost like he is an alternative version of myself! @Nerd is a former Comcast technician and an experienced electrician. He used to be known as @nerdburg, but in a fit of self-depreciating humor, changed his username to something completely stupid. At least he has a spiffy avatar. @Nerd has been "keepin' it clean" as an expert/moderator for nine + years, has 17K+ posts, 500+ solutions and maintains popular posts like the internet Troubleshooting Guide. His information posts and guides have garnered over 1 million page views. He often brags about his Xfinity Forums accomplishments to his cat Captain Bossy Pants. She signals her disapproval by occasionally hacking up a furball on his keyboard.  @ once told his wife about his amazing interweb accomplishments. She replied with "That and $7 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks."

Captain Bossy PantsCaptain Bossy Pants


Anyhow, @Nerd loves helping out on the forums. He totally dosesn't use the forums as a means of escape when procrastinating.  Please vote for me @Nerd and also send $7 for a cup of coffee.



Keepin' it clean since '09


Since he's already an Expert, can we vote him as Second Level Expert or something? Cat LOL

I wish I had a second vote.

Let's keep the cat happy and coffee flowing for the Janitor!