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Is there room for one more here?

Is there room for one more here?

Except for about a six month period after to moving to an area not serviced by Comcast, I've been a Comcast customer since 1983. I joined their forum in April 2007.


I've been online for 20 some years, and a good chunk of my time is spent on several different forums on the web. I enjoy learning from others as well as helping others. I always aim to answer simply and respectfully. I usually answer questions in the Email & Web Browsing or Xfinity Mobile forums, but do drop in and browse in several others.


Even if I'm not chosen I'll still be here from time to time helping whenever I can. But I must say it would be an honor to be recognized as one of the Experts.


Thank you @ComcastJessie for the invitation, and the unknown-to-me forum Expert who recommended me.