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spam mail

Why does Comcast allow users to spread spam and fraud e-mails?  I received an e-mail from "WellsFargo" but it is actually from regarding "action required" to my account.  No, I did not open it, I know better and I don't have a "WellsFargo" account.  Comcast does not have a good spam blocking program. 


Why can't Comcast  have a better way of blocking spam (word that is not allowed) like this?  Your "filter" system does not work.  You need to do better.  In an Outlook e-mail system you can right-click and there is a catagory that says "junk" and "block sender".  Easy.


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Re: spam mail

Anti-spam programs are in a continuous "catch up" mode, by their very nature.  No sooner do they catch all the spam messages, the originators change things, and the cycle begins again.  They can also "spoof" email addresses, such that what you see isn't necessarily what the address really is. 


It's always an ongoing iterative process.  They actually do pretty well.  Relatively little spam gets through to me (maybe less than 10%?), and most of what does gets caught by my email client (Thunderbird).  It comes in waves, but it's an unusual week that I get more than one or two;  usually, not even that much.