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secondary email after discontinuation of service

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secondary email after discontinuation of service

My husband and I are seperating and I am the secondary user on our account. I know that we can still use our emails even without comcast service any longer but my question is, What happens when we are in 2 different households. How can I seperate my "account" from his? Otherwise it is my understanding that he will still have "primary" account access over mine. 


Re: secondary email after discontinuation of service

I think there is a way to use your account on your own but I'm not sure what the procedure is.  I will suggest you call Comcast security and see if they can guide you in this.  I have seen similar scenarios in the forum where a family member is moving out of a parent's home and wants to take the email with them.  The parent has to go to a Comcast service center with the child and transfer ownership of that user ID.  It's a bit of a job but I think it can be done.  But yes if your husband is the primary account holder, he technically "owns" any secondary accounts set up under his.  It's going to make a difference too, if you intend to get your own Comcast service.


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