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repeated phishing attempts despite CSA confirmations

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repeated phishing attempts despite CSA confirmations

I report at least one email per day to which CSA confirms as a phishing attempt. As an example (see attach) Comcast CSA has confirmed my previous reports of phishing attempts from with links within the body to My question: what action has been taken against this known profile? How many emails with this profile have been blocked?
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Re: repeated phishing attempts despite CSA confirmations

GovDelivery appears to be a regrettable but legitimate choice that CMS and many other government agencies have made to handle their high-volume email. It's a questionable practice, but you can't really call it phishing when an established company sends messages at the request of its clients.


For example, see, which describes a similar SS and Medicare email sent by GovDelivery and containing links to GovDelivery servers:


... It tells recipients that "you may be able to use a new online service that helps people who receive Social Security benefits and Medicare have the information they need to file their tax returns."

But if you hold your cursor over the link to sign in to the website, you see a really long URL that begins with "" ...

I contacted Social Security and asked about the email. Is it spam? Is it a phishing scam?

"This is a legitimate email," said Patricia Raymond, an agency spokeswoman. "Individuals who established a My Social Security account may see an electronic note ... sent to their personal email account." ...

So if you got one of these emails, you weren't spammed. It's Uncle Sam calling. ...

Also see