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recover deleted emails

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recover deleted emails

Often some coorespondence need not been seen and thus the option to delete.  But on Comcast email.  They do not give you this option. I have sensitive emails that totally and completely need to be deleted and not recovered.  The RECOVERED DELETED EMAILS has my deleted emails since 2012.  I need to purge these deleted email.  Can someone please tell me how to accomplish this.  


Re: recover deleted emails

Anything you deleted yourself will go into the "Recover Deleted Items" feature after they have been in the Trash folder for two weeks.  They will remain there for 30 days and then drop off and are unrecoverable.  Keep in mind, the determining factor is the date you deleted them, not the original date of the message.  So yeah, you can have a message from 2012, but if you only deleted it yesterday it will still be there in the Deleted Items until the end of the 30 day period.  And if you try deleting a message from the Trash folder, it still goes into the Recovery feature.