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permanently delete emails

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permanently delete emails

Re: deleted trash
@ljlj0610 wrote:

I have a different problem...all the emails remain in the recover folder...I went to the new system on 1/7/18

and every email that I deleted since that date remains in the recover deleted trash...I've talked to technical

support and they are telling me there is no way to delete them....

Copy and paste your post into a new thread in this forum.  Then I can escalate it for further follow-up.


Re: permanently delete emails

The way the Recovery feature works is that when you delete an email, it goes into the Trash folder and sits there for two weeks.  After that, it drops into the recovery folder and stays another 30 days.  Keep in mind, that's 30 days from whenever you delete it, and not from the date of the original message.  There is no way for you to delete messages from the recovery folder yourself.  You just have to wait for them to drop off.  Once that happens they cannot be recovered.  But in your case it sounds like this may not be happening the way it's supposed to, so I'm escalating this to the forum admins for follow-up.  You should see a response here in this thread.