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missing folder

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missing folder

We are missing an important folder under "My Folders" on the left side of our screen emails.  It just disappeared.  We did not delete it.  We called X-finity Security and they couldn't find it either.  Their advice was to look in the Trash, which we did but no folders were there - just emails.  Curiously, in the trash we found emails that we sent out earlier today, but we did not put in Trash.  Does anyone have any suggestions on recovering this folder?


Re: missing folder

One thing I can think of------do you see an arrowhead to the left of the Trash, or any other folder?  Click on it to see if that reveals the missing item.  When a folder is sent to Trash, it won't appear in the list you see like an email would.  Instead, it gets "nested" under the Trash folder and may be hidden from sight.