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lIs there a law that says emails must have a way to unsubscribe at the bottom of the email 

 If so and somebody keeps emailing you and you cant unsubscribe what do you do. 

I keep getting this weight loss add from 3 different people . I know one of them and she says she is not sending them to me. 

 I get two or three a week. Been going on for two months. i have no idea how they got my email address. thanks.


Re: emails

It sounds like your friend's email address has been "spoofed".  Spammers can make emails look like they are coming from someone even when they aren't.  Don't use unsubscribe links in messages from people or companies/organizations you don't know, and don't have any interaction with.  Use them only with legitimate entities you know you have done business with.  With spam, when you click on unsubscribe it just tells the spammer they have found a "live" email address, and you will just keep getting more junk.  Instead, mark them as Spam whenever they get you your Inbox to help train the filters.

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