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Using email this  morning and i deleted off not needed emails and my inbox disappeared. I got on with chat but I could nto stay on due to I had to leave for an appointment. When I left the chat, i told them i needed to leave and if they could just get my emails back to when i opened my account this morning and i would take care of things in the afternoon when I go back. 


My inbox is showing only 4 unread emails but next to the inbox icon it reads 28 unread in my inbox. Does comcast still have my emails? Will I ever be able to view them.  These are inbox emails from more than a couple of years, like 4 years that i am in need of having access to. 


How can i get comcast to get my email back in my inbox and be able to actually see work from my inbox emails?


Re: email

Is there a small black arrowhead to the left of "Inbox"?  If so click on that and see if the other 28 messages are in a sub-folder.