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I have been a Comcast customer for about fifteen years. My email is hosted by Comcast. During that entire period, most of my emails go to my domain name address (ie: and are pointed by my domain host to Comcast. The emails then appear on my regular Comcast account. No problem….except…on January 8, I suddenly stopped receiving emails to that address.


Several calls to Comcast and to Network Solutions suggest that there is a problem with the MX records. Here is what Network Solutions says:


   today we discussed your email for This domain is registered and hosted by Network Solutions, but we do not host your email. You have chosen to point your email to comcast. Therefore, the only thing you are responsible for doing with Network Solutions in relation to your email is
1) keeping the domain active and renewed (which it is)
2) putting in the proper MX and CNAME records to point the mail to comcast - this is what the issue is.

Right now, the MX records provided by comcast do not properly point to a mail server (as reported by a public lookup tool)

We would be happy to make any changes to DNS for you or comcast, however, we do not hold responsibility for the sending/recieving of emails because they do not pass through our email servers. 

Your MX records that were reported by your nameservers are:

10   No A Record (no glue either)”


How can I fix this? Dozen of phone calls to Comcast technical support over the past eleven days have been unproductive. Most of the reps I’ve talked to don’t even know what an MX record is. They keep saying someone will call me back, and when the callback comes days later, I’m told “I’m not the person you need to talk to,” and they give me another phone number and I go through the same routine again.

Eleven days without email and I’m kind of freaking out. My domain name address is published in thousands of places, and I rely on my emails for both business and personal communications. Can you help?



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All I can do is escalate this to the forum admins for follow-up.  You should get a response here in this thread.



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petehaut, please send me a private message so I can look into your email issues. Please include your full name, address and the email address in question. 



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We found the issue, unrelated to Comcast/Xfinity.  There was a configuration issue elsewhere.  Thanks to everyone for helping out.