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email paragraph lines are always double spaced

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email paragraph lines are always double spaced

When composing an email the paragraph lines are always double spaced. How can I change to paragraphs with single spaced lines?


Re: email paragraph lines are always double spaced

There is no way to change the line spacing in the new email format.  This is what it looks like on my Mac using two different fonts, and I added one extra line in between the two-------------------



Line spacing in Appsuite Compose window.jpg

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Re: email paragraph lines are always double spaced

This message has a companion thread titled "Extra Line Spacing".  Per Latoque (Expert) that thread has been closed.  Therefore, I'm posting my comment to this thread.

Concern #1: I understand the question is how to change to single line spacing when composing a text message, as in word pocessing.

Concern #2: In the closed thread, I understand the question to be how to ensure single line spacing in a composed text message, as in word processing.

Consideration #1: Comcast eMail Settings offer a user programmed default of a) HTML; b) Plain text; and c) HTML and Plain Text.  Review your settings with consideration to comcast's email formats within the email processor.

Consideration #2: The Comcast email processor offers formats for a) Headings, b) Inline, c) Blocks, and d) Alignment. Under Block Format the processor offers a) Paragraph, b) Block Quote, c) Div (which means division), and d) Pre.

Consideration #3: Review WikipideiA description of Span and Div in HTML formats.

Resolution from Experience: a) Choose HTML in eMail Settings, b) When composing or editing a message, choose Block Format, then Choose Div. Several attempts may be necessary to ensure that only Div is choosen and not Paragraph and Div. The newly composed message should look and function as it did in the previous Comcast email processor.

Action for Comcast Expert: Please determine how the Comcast email programmer interperted the meaning  of HTML and Plain Text, and how he or she applied those meanings into the function of the application to simultaneously handle both, HTML and Plain Text with respect to the meanings of Paragraph, Block Quote, Division and Pre text parameters.

Note: I believe Comcast Expert, Latoque prematurely closed the thread on "Extra Line Spacing". It's possible the new Comcast eMail Processor needs tweaking.

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Re: email paragraph lines are always double spaced

Thank you for the above post.  I always get extra blank lines between paragraphs and I cannot figure out how to stop it.  Comcast doesn't seem to think that this is a problem but it is.  I am tired of apologizing to those I send email to because of poorly formatted text.  Does WYSIWYG mean anything?  I thought we solved this problem 25 years ago.