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email on mobile phone

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email on mobile phone

I do NOT want to have e-mails sent to my phone --- sometimes I accidentially 'touch' the e-mail icon - emails ok I guess, BUT I really don't want it on my phone - I find it 'saves' emails from months and months ago and I keep having to delete - say 50 - 100 emails I've already deleted on my 'mac mail' account AND from the iPHone and IPad....  


Yes I have it to come to my computer, but don't really want it on my iPhone since it seems to just 'stay' there permanately taking up space - (my iPad too, but I'll need mail to go there, IF I go out of town).....  Is there a way of the email,  NOT to go on my iPhone???? AND when I DELETE the mails from the IPhone and iPad - it should be DELETED NOT stay on there and pop up on some future date???? (I mean e-mails from MONTHS ago, not just recent ones!!!)  Thanks


Re: email on mobile phone

Are you using the Comcast account in whatever email app came on the phone?  If so, just delete it from the app.