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email contacts/address list

Using Comcast email Contacts/Address List -

I have a list of 109 names and email addresses I want to email as a "group".  The list is now both in a saved email and a Word document.  Is there any way I can add these to my contacts all at once rather than enter the names and email addresses one at a time?


Re: email contacts/address list

You should be able to copy and paste them into the To: or Bcc: field as long as there is a comma between them.  However, the sending limits in Comcast webmail allow not more than 100 recipients per message.  So you would need to break out your list into two groups and two separate emails.  The sending limits are found here----------------


Also, if you are going to send an email to a large group, using Bcc will protect the recipients' email address on the internet from spammer bots looking for email addresses.  Just put your own email address in the To: field.