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Hi, I have received three of these emails in the past three days from different Comcast email accounts. I have put them in my spam folder but are other Comcast users getting them?

From: <Edited for violating forum guidelines>
To: <Edited for violating forum guidelines>
Sent: 2018-10-17 8:14:35 PM 
Subject: Transfer Completed NUM:6B42AA50E8DF3FC5F16768B5D64C1EB8B214A

Dear Client,

We are grateful for using our service.

Your funds are on your account.

Account Balance: $117.92

Do not forget to withdraw your funds.

View Account Form ID:469726548208061321958500067573258737

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Re: edie3dogs

It looks like a phishing attempt, albeit a clumsy one.  The bad English is a giveaway.  You can report such messages here---------------------

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Re: edie3dogs

Latoque thank you for your response.