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distribution list

I have removed an e-mail address from a distribution list but the address still appears when I use the distribution list.  I have shut down and rebooted and the e-mail address is still there but when I edit the distribution list again the e-mail address is gone.  Then in frustration I deleted the entire distribution list and rebuilt it using the same name without that e-mail address and when I use the distribution list the e-mail address that I am trying to eliminate from distribution is still there.  I then delete the e0mail address from my address book and it still appears when I use the distribution list.  Where is it coming from and how can I eliminate it??  I guess I just need to create a new distribution list with a different name and call it a day, but that shouldn't be necessary.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Re: distribution list

I have not encountered this problem in the forum before.  As a test try this;


Create a new group with all the same names minus the problematic one, but give it a completely different name.  Does the same thing happen?