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deleting emails

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deleting emails

I have an iphone 4.  I used to be able to delete an email without it being deleted from my comcast email and viceversa.  Now when I delete on my desktop it deletes on phone, when I delete on phone it deletes on desktop.  There are a number of emails I want to save but I don't need them on my phone.  Why can't that still be done?  Do I have to download all to outlook now?

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Re: deleting emails

What you are describing is normal if the account is enabled both on the pc in a client and on the phone and both use IMAP.  You probably had one or the other using POP3 before.  With IMAP, if you want to store a local copy on the computer, you would need to put it in a folder that is not affected by IMAP.  I use Mac Mail on my desktop, and it has a section called "On My Mac".  Those folders have emails in them only on my machine.  I assume Outlook has something similar, although I've never used it.