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can't receive husband's emails anymore

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can't receive husband's emails anymore

I have a comcast email address. Suddenly I am not receiving my husband's emails for some reason - this began yesterday.  First, they went to 'junk' and then they stopped arriving at all.  As a test he wrote to a friend who also has a comcast address and his email went to Spam on the xfinity website. How can I troubleshoot this problem? And is it my problem - i.e. comcast, or his email service problem? Thank you


Re: can't receive husband's emails anymore

Any time legitimate emails go to the Spam folder you should mark them as "Not Spam" to help train the Comcast filters.  But in addition, you can also call Comcast security and have them look at your account to see if there is  a blocking issue or something with your husband's sending domain--------------


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