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Xfinity email not working correctly.

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Xfinity email not working correctly.


I'm using the native Xfinity email page. That's when you click on the envelope on the page. 


I just sent an email. I went to look for the email in the SENT folder that I have sorted by date. It should have been at the top but wasn't there.


I do a search in the sent folder for a key word. Still not there. I then switch to the INBOX folder and search there. It finds it, but says that it's in the SENT folder. However when I go back to the SENT folder it is still not there.


What am I doing wrong?


Re: Xfinity email not working correctly.

When you are looking in the Sent folder, click on "Sort by" and if "Conversations" is checked----uncheck it.  Does the missing email show up then?

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Re: Xfinity email not working correctly.

The email is there now. Temporary glitch?