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So over the past months I have been wondering why different shows are played at different viewing methods and why some shows take one day to show up on the stream and others may take up to a week to show up. I have watched shows at different viewing levels (1080p (HD), 760, 1280) and can not getr them full sreen, I have even watched showsw that are new in a square screen instead of them being 1080P.

What is the cause of this?


1) Is it because you as a corporation can not get the show at the 1080p (HD) level?

2) The people you have in charge of this are unable to preform their job at a constant?

3) Is there something wrong with my Internet connection that does not allow me to recieve some shows at the HD Level?


I am Just really gettign upset at the level of non service that Comcast and Xfinity stand behind but does not supply to their customers. This morning I go to look for my shows for Sunday and what appears is Saturday shows, not sunday I decided to try by day listing to look at sunday and there it is the new listing for sunday (but not on the main page). I attempted to watch "The Walking Dead" and only comes up centered on my screen a small video of the show, so I went to the AMC Website and there I get the original show full screen, what an amazing thing. I feel as though the employees you have working with the XfinityStream Deptatment are not doing thier job correctly and are doing nothign byt copy paste without ensuring that the correct level of coding is present for the shows, maybe its time to get new employees. If all they hafve to do is put the show listing up and ensure it runs correctly and then place the say before show listing up on the home page why is that so hard for them to do? I will attach both images of the homepage for xfinity shows (which should show Sunday and does not (its 1:06pm Monday) and a image of "The Walking Dead" on my screen for viewing.


Just would like some answers for these failures. I have been with Comcast since they returned to the Houston Area and before that Time Warner, I stood behind your service and even with these minor failures in your service I still stand behind you and recommend you to anyone that ask me. But you have got to start checking and double checking the level of serivce this department is supplying your customers with!



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