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Xfinity Speed Test

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Xfinity Speed Test

Say, I use to be able to go to on my desktop and get an indication of my download and upload speeds.  Now, it never runs on my Dell Desktop.  It tries for a little while and just comes up with an "Ooops! Something went wrong".  However if I then connect my HP laptop to my wired wifi modem and run it, it works.  Did Microsoft update windows 10 to perhaps cause this problem?  Help please.  Thanks!

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Re: Xfinity Speed Test

on my wifi connected laptop, you have to go into your account info to run the speed test.  Good luck...supposed to have 200-250 Mbps, test says I have 37.10Mbps!  Did the router re-start, per fancy Xfinity video, still only had 39.06 Mbps!!!


We pay too much, are promised speeds we don't really get (by their own tests) and then cannot get any real meaningful feedback on issues as to why email is disappearing, server is not available, why I can no longer forward or reply to a message, etc.  Oh, and they NEVER did announce about the recent hack that hit a week or so ago.   WHO are these people?? Obviously not a customer-oriented service provider.

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Re: Xfinity Speed Test


Hi TejasStar2, I have responded to your other post, but have your tried another browser to see if you can do a speed test?


Hi leftcoastlucy,  can you please run a speed test connected straight to your modem bypassing your router and let me know what speed you are getting?


Thank you