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Whitelisting domains


We are having issues with some of our newsletter subscribers not receiving expected email messages from our publications. The domain names include,,, and All of the email originates from a single server, (IP <REMOVING, forums violation, pls share in PM) and all of the emails being sent are to subscribers paying to receive the information we publish ( and or to subscribers who have opted-in and have the ability to unsubscribe from a prominent link in the emails they receive.

I've seen some posts that mention @CCAntiSpam as a resource who may be able to resolve this for me, however, if not, I hope the right team will be alerted so that it can be addressed and resolved.

Thanks for the help.

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Re: Whitelisting domains

@RCastagna Are you sure that's the only IP the messages should be directly delivered from?  It seems relatively low volume, but all the messages in the past two weeks were marked as clean and delivered to the inbox.  Do you have a specific recipient you know of that is having issues? (Don't share it here, we'd use a PM for that)

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