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Webpage pictures suddenly stopped loading for some websites

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Webpage pictures suddenly stopped loading for some websites

I recently started experiencing some websites like that its' pictures wouldn't load, as well as an adult webpage I go to.  This happened around the time there was a big Denial of Service attack against DNS providers and I assumed this was the cause for about 2 weeks until I got more suspicious and determined to figure out what was going on. I tried some other devices, browsers, within my home and the same thing, so I had ruled out it wasn't my desktop which I use most of the time when home. 


I figured it out by turning on my VPN software to encrypt my traffic and seeing if the pictures would now load and they did, so it was something in my Xfinity settings. No family settings were setup, no child or user surfing settings, but XFI protection was enabled. I turned this off and whola all my pictures started loading in my webpages. 


You can get to this setting by logging into your Xfinity account and going to support, and then internet support.