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WebMail and xFinity App Email Takes Forever to Load - if it does

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WebMail and xFinity App Email Takes Forever to Load - if it does

Not sure where this belongs and not sure where to get help.  Email is horrible.  Over 70% of the time when trying to log in, it sits there and I get three dots like it is trying to load.  I let it sit there for 5 minutes or so and I give up.  In today's world, this is horrible service.  The xFinity app is almost useless.  I had to switch over to the android email app since the xfininty app might show you email, but when you click on one it's blank - this happens probably 80% of the time.  It's hit and miss whetehr or not you can actually see the email that it shows in the inbox.  I'm not talking waiting a few seconds, I'm talking waiting minutes and in the case of the app, you try reloading and reloading and still nothing will get you into the email.


Is there something wrong with my email account or ... when will Comcast get this fixed?  It has been happening pretty much since email was changed over.  Is this going to be fixed?  When?  It sholuld have been fixed by now if it was going to be fixed and/or if Comcast was aware of it.


And it's not just happening to me ... it's happening to others in my family and not just at home, when logging in at other places - same thing, so it's not my connection.