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Two emails : what to do?

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Two emails : what to do?





I purchased my new Apple 7 +.... (closed my Verizon Acct. by phone a Xfinity office) They told me to pick a NEW Comcast email and NEW User name . ( I closed my mother acct. # 216 and was given a new acct. My mother passed away in 2013 and I was taken care of her and paying ALL the bills since 2012.) There was nothing wrong with my original comcast emal that I've had for many years. Giving me a new email is causing many headaches . I would like my "original email" not the one they gave me at the Xfinity office at Sample and Route 1 in Fl.        I now have ALL THREE services with Xfinity : Internet....TV.... Moble phone.    Please fix this confusion. Thanks.


Re: Two emails : what to do?

Was your mother the primary account holder of the one that you closed?  Was your email address a secondary account?