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Two Modems in one house?

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Two Modems in one house?

Can I use two modems in my house?  I'm considering installing a sling box and I would need to put in on a TV that is away from my modem.  I have an extra modem.

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Re: Two Modems in one house?

While it CAN be advised you'll be charged double........

IF the prospect of long run(s) of CAT5e or 6 is might consider a Wireless-N access point and a corresponding adapter for the Slingbox....This assumes you ARE running a wireless router....????!

Just one guy's opinion......Good luck!


Re: Two Modems in one house?

It depends. Some markets won't do it. One street address, one modem allowed.

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Re: Two Modems in one house?

You don't need another modem, you need a router, and then run an ethernet cable to the slingbox, or connect it with a wireless adapter like the slinglink.

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Re: Two Modems in one house?



Another option, often overlooked by folks, for extending an in-house LAN is to use "HomePLug" or Powerline Technology.  It send LAN signals over your home's powerlines so you can plug an adapter near your router and the other one at length, and it usually works....


The newer HomePLug units often use 200 Mbps sppeds between the adapters which is plenty fast for most LAN use....  I use some to get connections to the kid's XBox360s here at home, and those units are only 10 Mbps units (HomePlug v1.0) and they work fine...  The kids can play games and get netflix movies with no problems.


If you are at length, definitely use Wireless .11N if you go has much greater distance coverages.


Re: Two Modems in one house?

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