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Saved Email Folder Just Disappeared ?


Saved Email Folder Just Disappeared ?

Last night when I went to my Saved Email folder on Comcast email, that folder and all of its contents had just disappeared into thin air! I tried the possible solution of clicking on "hide emails" and then "show emails" (or folders--whatever), and that didn't work at making the folder and contents suddenly appear again. I know without a doubt that I would not have even accidentally removed that folder. (Why would I when it had stuff in it going back at least two years?) So what can I do at all?! And somehow this has to have been a technological boo-boo from Comcast I'm assuming. Thanks for any help!

Re: Saved Email Folder Just Disappeared ?

If it is a folder you created, to the left of "My folders" did you click on the small black arrowhead?