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SOLVED: canon printer scan to email

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SOLVED: canon printer scan to email

I am sure that people will run into this.  On the canon imageCLASS MF8300C also known as mf8380cdw, it took me some time to figure out how to get scan to email working.  Summary is to change the SMTP port to 587 and use your smtp auth set to your comcast login.  The default port 25 won't work and port 465 won't work.


Here is how:


0. configure the management name/pin.

1. login as management to the the web UI browser, http://printer-ip/

2. change the SMTP TX port to 587, find it at System Settings -> network Settings -> TCP/IP Settings -> port No. Settings

3. Enter the info in E-Mails Settings System Settings -> network Settings -> E-Mail Settings

SMTP Server Addess:

E-Mail Address: your@address

Check Use SMTP Auth

Enter your username:

Check Set/Change Password

Password: Your password.

4. Instruction says to power cycle for the new settings, do it.


Good Luck!


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Re: SOLVED: canon printer scan to email



You Rock!


That worked perfectly.  Thank you so very much!!!   My Canon MF8380Cdw works perfectly!!!


Before I found your post, I had fooled with this device for two days, trying just about everything I could think of, or that I could find via the web.  As I have previously dealt with Canon customer support and found them to be imbeciles, I was not about to call them.  The game was on and I was going to figure this out if it took me a week or a month.   Thanks to your post, I was able to resolve the email issue instantly.  Again, thank you!!!  


The one good thing about the time I wasted before finding your post (and the settings that actually work), was that I figured out how to setup/configure just about everything else on this device.  The email was the last piece of the puzzle and the printer is finally doing what it is supposed to.  I have a second identical unit at my office and now i will be able to configure same in about 5 minutes (as opposed to two days!


During my quest, I had searched Canon's database and found nothing on point.  Same thing for Comcast's database.  However, I found your post simply searching the issue in Bing.  The fact that you listed the exact model number in your post was a big help with respect to finding your post and reading it.   You have saved me a ton of time and additional frustration.  I can't thank you enough!!!


Take care!