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SFTP Setup issues

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SFTP Setup issues

SFTP setup help needed, thought I had the necessary port forwarding and config completed but still having issues testing/communicating with host. Static IP set up through Comcast Business, local workstation set up as static IP, port 8022 is set up for forwarding to, but WinSCP fails to connect to host. Host has not tech support to speak of (insurance company), and Comcast stated its not their job, even thoug they're whacking me $20 a monht for the static IP. Could use some help here, pointer, advice, troubleshooting, etc. Any response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Re: SFTP Setup issues

Do you have a business class account?  If so you need to be posting in their own forums here------------------


This forum is for residential customers.  Someone in the business forum might be better able to help you.