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Recovering Deleted Emails

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Recovering Deleted Emails

Can I recover emails I deleted using "Shift/Delete"?


Re: Recovering Deleted Emails

You have a feature called “Recover Deleted Items”. It works in both the old and new email formats. It looks different in the new one. To see it, right-click on the Trash folder. You will see a small pop-up menu, and the last choice at the bottom is “Recover Deleted Items”. Click on it and it will open a window showing emails that you deleted. It only goes back 15 days From that window you can restore emails to any folder you have. Select the ones you want and then click on the little folder icon at the top of that window (old format), or just check the ones you want to move and then click on "Move Selected Items" (new format). That will display all your folders, and you can move your selection to any one you want.

If the emails went missing for any other reason, the feature supposedly won’t show them. E.G: if your deletion schedules deleted them or you have a malware infection of some kind.

Or use this link: