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Real Name on email "From" line

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Real Name on email "From" line

My husband & I share an email account. Every email we send is identified as coming from  his real name (so, for ex, "From: John Smith"). (I'm not positive but am assuming this is because he's primary on our COMCAST & AT&T accounts). For a variety of reasons, we DON"T WANT our last name showing up in emails. This happens with emails sent from our home computer (COMCAST) as well as our iPads/iPhones (AT&T).  Any idea how to fix this? I want emails to say they come from our email address, not our real names. I tried looking up the solution & while you can change the name on your Comcast account, at least, it still insists on a first & last name so I'm assuming that's required for business/payment reasons. Thanks.  

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Re: Real Name on email "From" line

On compose screen, click on down arrow next to 'from' name and choose edit to change to whatever you want.