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I find it difficult to read text in browser pages and in fill-outforms. The type is set in a very light font and screened back to approximately half-strength. I can increase the size of the text and forms, which helps, but why should I have to? Is it really necessary to display text in a manner which decreases readability? For instance, I sometimes have to click on empty space until I find the outline of a box in a form that needs to be filled out. I have never had a response to my problem. I wish someone would explain why text can't simply be displayed in black type. Design is supposed to HELP the reader!!


Re: Readability

I agree that in the last couple of years light gray type on a white background has become an epidemic all over the internet.  It's nothing peculiar to Comcast.  But that is the current state of affairs.  To deal with it you might try using a browser extension that renders a more high-contrast scheme like the one I use sometimes for Chrome-------------


It may also be available for other browsers.  And I'm sure that if you search you will find others.