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Public wifi hotspot connection problems

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Public wifi hotspot connection problems

Not sure if this is the right place.


Despite my better judgement I recently signed up for xfinity internet again. I cannot connect to any public wifi hotspots (xinifitywifi, XFINITY or CableWiFi) using my iphone 7 (all updated). For xfinitywifi it sits on 'unsecured connection' and then times out and never connects. It does show an IP but I cannot browse (and doesn't redirect me to login).  For XFINITY and CableWifi it just sits spinning on connecting and never connects.


I have tried:


Moving to another hotspot area

Resetting Network Settings

Clearings any security profiles

Installing xfinity hotpots app (and installing fresh secutiry profiles)

Uninstall hotspot app

Calling customer support (which is its own torture - several broken english call backs, which start off at square one, including one 45 minute conversation where the rep had me install xFi app despite it having nothing to do witht he public hotspots, and once it finally downloaded 30 minutes later (there is a reason I'm trying to use the hotspots afterall) and it didn't work, I again explained this wasn't a home wifi issue and she put me on hold then hung up.) Absolute worst customer service.



Any suggestions?

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Re: Public wifi hotspot connection problems

Three more calls to tech support (I swear they are the most incompetent people on the planet) and I am back at suare one. Each time my call is being "escalated" and will call me back - each time I call back they make me start at square one and insist they will escalate it again. 


How is this company still in business?