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Bought RCA WiFi only tablet. Want to leave att 4G doesn't work well, Twitter is the only app I'm having problems with so I checked http and proxy is Comcast and port is either 143 or 993 did I do it correct? Because I have Comcast sometimes the location is a different state than IL, 

I don't want anymore community form email! I don't have time to delete thousands until I can figure out how to only get the ones I looked at
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Re: Proxy

The settings for Comcast in an email app or client are found here-----------


If you don't want to get forum updates, go into your profile settings and disable the email notifications by changing the subscriptions you have set.  At the top of the forum page click on your name and go to "My Subscriptions".  On that landing page click on "Notification Settings".  Make your changes.  Make sure you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click on "Save".