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Please advise about the rumor that Comcast is severing ties with its subsidiary company called Plaxo that is currently managing the Comcast email system.   I recently called Comcast on December 22 and the person I talked to told me this was not true.


Re: Plaxo

I don't know that Comcast is completely severing ties, since it is a subsidiary company of theirs.  But yes, the Calendar has been discontinued as of the 12th of this month.   The new email format is supplied by a different vendor (Appsuite) as opposed to Zimbra.  Plaxo wrote the software for the old email and calendar.  Zimbra did the email.  If you haven't already, at some point you will be migrated to the new format, which has been rolling out slowly over the last two years.  It looks like this--------------------


New Format.jpg