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Permanent Error Message (daemon)

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Permanent Error Message (daemon)

For the past two days my email has been plagued by these replies when I cc myself with an email and when I send myself a test email to my comcast email address. Yesterday I rebooted and the problem went away. Today it won't. The failure message also says there are three attachments. I didn't send any attachments. The intended recipient of my emails are getting them but I cannot get the cc to myself. What is going on? How do I fix this?

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Re: Permanent Error Message (daemon)

For some reason when I email a company's name in the suffix (after the @ symbol) the message comes back to me as Permanent Error  next line mailer -


So I email for example one of the employees -

I get it back, but only for that one company.

I got on the phone and asked them to send me a test email.

I received it but when I replyed, I got the Permenant Error mesage.


The company is big and has strong protocols againt sham or other dirty tricks.

I contacted them but they said all was good on their end. As far as they know no-one have Identified me as restricted address.


Any ideas?