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Password reset emails

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Password reset emails

I recently tried to reset my password with Cooking Light and Chicos.  In both cases I requested a password reset email be sent.  I never received an email from either place, even though I was assured it had been sent.  I checked the spam folder and the emails were not there either.  I attempted this several times.  Since these are the same type of emails and are from different companies, I wonder if they are being blocked for some reason.  I contacted Xfinity Chat twice and didn't get a resolution to my problem.  In one case the agent tried to sell me more services.


Any thoughts on what may be wrong?


Re: Password reset emails

Call Comcast security for this instead of the general number.  See if there is a blocking issue for those sender's domains--------------------------


Comcast Customer Security Assurance-------------------

Normal business hours (6:00 am to 2:00 am EST, 7 days a week)

1 - 888-565-4329

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Re: Password reset emails

Check your Spam settings. Make sure that "Enable spam filtering" and "Save a copy of emails marked as spam" are both selected (see


If the settings are correct and an employee doesn't take care of this for you here, Comcast Security Assurance should be able to help. Give them a call at 1-888-565-4329 (from Note that this is NOT one of the general customer service numbers. The first-line reps there are sometimes not very helpful, so you may need to be persistent and keep at them until you get a satisfactory answer.