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Not receiving a certain forwarded email from another comcast account

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Not receiving a certain forwarded email from another comcast account

I'm trying to forward one email from my husbands email account to my own, I've tried through the gmail internet app, then from a Samsung internet app, then finally... from webmail... all show the email sent, but I do not receive it. I can send and receive and also reply to any messages we send back and forth between the accounts, but cannot forward this one email. This email is clearly some sort of spam and maybe a virus/spyware/worm/phishing/etc... its saying he purchased some in game gems from an apple account. He does not have an account with them (I do, however) the email isn't from apple and the domain it was from was just created 5 days ago. But regardless, he did not know that and he still viewed the attachment (he did not download as the email suggested) and all links in attachment went to a standard website folder view, listing cgi-bin/ only. is it possible that the reason it won't forward is because of this? I mean, the attachment is less than 150k. It's just a pdf of a receipt. ALSO- I just double checked and he can, in fact, successfully forward any other email to my account. So, does anyone have any suggestions? AND - my end goal is to make sure that this is just a one time thing or if we just cant forward certain emails to each other.... we do send important emails back and forth and sometimes they require immediate attention so I thought it would be important to learn what could be causing this.

Re: Not receiving a certain forwarded email from another comcast account

Is the forwarded email going to your Spam folder?  Even if it's not I suspect you are right and it has to do with the fact it's a known junk message/phishing scam.  I got a similar email about a purchase on my Apple account maybe a year ago. I would call Comcast security and see if they can tell you what's going on-------------------------


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