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New emails arriving 6 days late

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New emails arriving 6 days late

Today is March 6.  Today I've been getting groups of new emails in my inbox, in clusters of 4-6, dated Februrary 28 -- like, they were in limbo somewhere for the past 6 days and were suddenly found by Comcast.  I verified they are not duplicates, not copies of emails I had already received on Feb. 28. 

Meanwhile, I am also receiving emails dated today, and I have been receiving emails dated appropriately the past 6 days.  The emails in question are from various senders I regularly receive mail from, nothing unusual about them other than their date -- received today for the first time, but dated February 28.

What is going on?


Re: New emails arriving 6 days late

I would call Comcast security and see if they can sort it out for you.  It's nothing you could change yourself--------------------


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