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New email system

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New email system

I tried to send this another way and it would not take the whole message.  Sat Feb 9, 2018 I spent over an hour trying to send two emails.  I kept getting the following information in boxes at top of page. 1.  The connection to remote  server. .email, timed out while awaiting the response.  Please try again later.  2.  IMAP Server  refuses to import one or more emails  3.  Cannot connect to server.  Please check your connection.  Mail is sent but a copy can not be placed in your sent folder???  At bottom I keep getting an orange box stating "Offline"

All of this has happened with the new email.  It is pretty disgusting.  Then I find that each time I tried to send and it would not go, it did go and other party got several messages.  I got four of the same message from a friend as she had trouble sending from another net work.  If this is how the new email system works it stinks.  I called for help and was told to call back when offices were open.  Maybe I don't have the customer service line that helps people like me.  For the price we pay this is very poor service.  My system is correctly hooked up and I am tired of getting these connecting messages.  Are we on a time limit for answering emails????  This is not what I paid for.     


Re: New email system

What email client are you using?  Outlook, Thunderbird or something like that?  Can you access and send email normally using only a browser and the webmail interface?