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New Comcast email server base structures gone downward inferior.

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New Comcast email server base structures gone downward inferior.

I dislike all their design, layout and feature changes they made that began showing January 1, 2018, I liked how everything was that I last saw December 31, 2017, I want to get back their old, original or former version restore from then someway, the following are my primary complaints:


1) Compose (originally called New and highlighted in yellow background color) click button key

to email write section has much smaller about 2/3rds less text box size displaying by its outer

four sided encased border line now that takes considerably longer time and more scroll moves

to review and check what I have written before I determine send.


2) All top row click button source function keys are now symbols instead of originally had worded identifiers on each one that causes some difficulty recognize or memorize and creates potential click wrong with bad aftereffects.


3) Sent box section column dates are now shown by week days instead on past 7 listed, in most instances importantly I need to know what dates of emails I sent more than what week days I did and is a burden to have to open each one through those past 7 day periods to find out.


4) My Sent box section Storage indicator does not automatically show anymore when I first

arrive at email base display, now I have to manually click its left pointed arrow to downward position to get it to do.


5) Each sentence I write now double spaces irregularly between instead of single spaced I originally had taking up more space, creating longer contents and looking very odd. I want it back to usual and normal approximate 1/8th inch apart.


6) No longer shows Draft button key, now is just called Save that does not identify as clearly,

it could cause mistaken use or confusion what does and where puts.


7) If Send, Save and Discard button keys were back at their original best positions all along

near top of page area side by side there would be bigger text write into box shown room to restore had.


8) When typing lengthy email contents beyond approximate 15 lines that outer four sided

encased border lined text write input box begins and continues move upward covering up

the To: address and Subject: description fill in lines causing harder to make corrections, changes and check accuracies.


9) Use to be its CC carbon copy address line was automatically set displaying, now have to

click button key at right side area to get it to do. I want it back automatically set to remind me

when I want or need to use it.


If any of all readers of my forum board message post here agree with my dissatisfactions list above, I ask you to express your fullest degree such and request, urge, demand or petition at whatever best effective course to Comcast Xfinity top operation personnel to put all back how

originally that was perfectly fine throughout, email is very important communication source and it should outfitted right for me and all of us.


Re: New Comcast email server base structures gone downward inferior.

Comcast has been rolling out this new email for the last two years.  I can guarantee you there is no going back to the old version no matter what customers say.


Another thing you haven't run into yet is the mail purge that you can't set as you could before.


While it may not be the most ideal for you, I suggest installing an email client and using that because it will give you back the functions you are familiar with and you can set how long you want to retain email since it will all reside on your computer.  I personally use Thunderbird because it's very close to Outlook in nature.

I am not a Comcast employee; I am just a customer, volunteering my time to help other customers here in the Forums.

If you'd like information about the Expert program, you can find it here.
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Re: New Comcast email server base structures gone downward inferior.

Are you able to effectively search through old emails on their server/web app?


The only ones that seem to get searched are either the past 10 days or in the year 2014.  Nothing else shows up so my emails are unsearchable at this point.