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More Spam Coming Through

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More Spam Coming Through

Has anyone noticed that more spam has been coming through to email?  I have noticed more since early April, mostly about sexual performance and meeting the love of my life.  I don't recall clicking on any risky ads or going to websites. 


Cheers!  Katydint


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Re: More Spam Coming Through

I have been receiving a SPAM bomb since Feb 2018.  I work for the IT industry so I put in place the usual fixes: SPAM filters on, mark SPAM as junk etc.  I believe the problem may be attributed to Comcast upgrading their email servers and not putting the proper SPAM filters in place or not having them properly setup.  Most companies provide SPAM filtering on their email servers which cuts down on a lot of this junk mail.  I may have to close my Comcast email account and use gmail if this continues.  I called tech support and they were unable to help me. I typicalled get 40 SPAM per day forwarded to my junk folder.  A lot of customers won't report it since they believe it is normal to receive SPAM.  It is to a certain extent but when you observe a significant jump in SPAM like I have over a 4-month period their is a problem.