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Missing/Disappeared Emails

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Missing/Disappeared Emails

I just noticed that in the last two days, thousands of emails in my inbox have disappeared. I only have emails in my inbox on the server from April 2016 to February 9, 2018. I do have some emails between those dates that I have in folders, but otherwise there's nothing between those dates in my inbox. I checked the settings on my Desktop mail client, and my comcast app. I don't have it set up to delete the copy from the server. Is there anyway to recover these emails? 


Re: Missing/Disappeared Emails

If you are still on the old email format, check your deletion schedules to make sure they are set the way you want them. From the Inbox page, go to Preferences>>>>Email, and look about halfway down the list to "Email Deletion Schedules". If it's not that, then as a precaution I would change your password to something stronger than whatever it is right now, and also change your secret question and answer. Suddenly vanishing emails is a common sign of a malware infection, or a compromised account. Run a complete scan of your machine with your A/V software to see if it finds anything wrong. There are no editable deletion schedules in the new format.  You can also call Comcast seciurity and ask them to look at the account--------------------

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