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sorry to move the goal posts guys...... and I think i may have started this topic......

But my issue seems to have gone away.....

a much bigger issue is, upon going to iMAP, we can't keep emials longer than 2 weeks. I know that we can save them to another folder if we know ahead of time that we'll need it. But i have many instances of someone referring to an email from over 2 weeks ago..... and of course I can't get it.

I go to the 'retrieve dleted items' path on the site, but without a means to sort, there is no way to find it....... even if it is still there--- which oftern all of them aren't.


anyone have a work around??? ... that 2 weeks thing is beyond common sense.

it would be really helpful if we can still save them to our PC or laptop. Delete them from the server on the site to save room if need be.... but let us keep them on our devices.